Keyboard shortcuts

With keyboard shortcuts you can access the most frequently used commands, like looking up words, changing dictionaries, and browsing entries without a need for stylus. Keyboard shortucts can be customized: goto menu - Configure keyboard check here

Default shortcuts (* if only for SL-Cx00): The following shortcuts are available only if the word box is active and has focus. Press TAB at any time to make the word box active. Additionally the following shortcurs are available on SL-Cx00:

If ZBEDic is assigned to one of the application keys (Calendar, Address, Mail, Home, Menu), pressing that key again switches focus between the description pane and the word box.

Some keyboard applets (for example keyz-zkb) may modify keyboard mapping and thus make some of the keyboard shortcuts not available. You may consider using less intrusive input methods for accented characters, for example custom-input (