Installing the runtime

Applies to Zaurus version only Install Chrome Ubuntu

zbedic runtime comes as an ipk package. Use package manager to install it. You should install sqlite3 library prior to installing zbedic. sqlite3 can be downloaded from

Installing dictionaries

The original zbedic package contains no dictionaries and you have to install them separatelly. You can download free dictionaries for zbedic from several locations that are listed on the zbedic project web page (

zbedic dictionaries have .dic,, .edic or .hdic extensions. You can put dictionary files anywhere in the file system: on CF/SD card or in internal storage space. The suggested location is (CF|SD|internal)/Documents/application/bedic/. If you use QTopia Desktop to transfer files to Zaurus, the dictionary files will be placed in that directory by default. You should install dictionary files after installation of zbedic ipk package. Note that if you install the dictionary on a CF/SD card and zbedic is running, you can not eject that card. You have to close zbedic first.

The copied dictionary file must be added to the list of available dictionaries in zbedic. There are two ways to add a dictionary: either click on a dictionary file in the Qtopia's Files/Documents Tab, or in zbedic -> Settings dialog, goto Dictionaries tab, press Add and choose the file.


Applies to Zaurus version only

The standard fonts on the Zaurus with Sharp ROM contain only Latin1 characters. A larger set of characters is available for Cacko ROMs. Some of the dictionaries contain characters that are not covered by Latin1 (cyrillic, chinese and japanese, pronounciation characters). If you want to use these features, you have to install a font that contains these characters.

One such font is unifont. You can download it for Zaurus from To install it, just copy it to /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/fonts and restart the Zaurus.